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What Do We Do?

Being a leading land surveyor consultant in Melbourne, we are providing services to our clients – both small and large – while employing a modern and reliable approach.

Our projects and range of services are very extensive. Exact Land Surveyors Melbourne handles all matters related to land councils located over all the metropolitan and regional areas.

For industrial property development and town planning, construction industry is very important; the role of land surveyor in construction industry cannot be denied. We determine the boundaries and land blocks for roads, residential and commercial buildings, and their precise measurements in relation to one another.

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How Exact Land Surveyors Work?

We are Melbourne’s most trustworthy land surveying consultant providing services to our clients – at large as well as small scale – with a state of the art and reliable approach. We are covering all areas in Melbourne to provide our surveying services. We welcome all potential clients to see our work to know about the services we offer.

We have ample experience in dealing with all councils in Melbourne located in various areas. The close connection between all the concerned stakeholders allows our licensed surveyor for the implementation and completion of the project with minimal stress. We give our customers step-by-step information for smooth running of the whole project.

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What Are The Benefits Of Land Surveying?

Helps in making the purchase decision

It helps in deciding whether the purchase of land is viable or not. It makes a purchase decision easier by highlighting all aspects of land.

Dividing land

A boundary survey is helpful for commercial and residential surveys by dividing the land in small portions. It is especially useful for businesses that want to sell out portions of the land after dividing it.

Helps in construction

Carrying out a land survey ideal for construction projects. Construction survey measures the land and surrounding areas to determine the best area for making a building.

An estimate of Property’s Value

Land surveys also help in determining a property’s value, so that the seller gets a fair price, and the buyer doesn’t have to worry about overspending.



We offer a number of excellent surveying services, including:

  1. Land surveying
  2. Re-establishment survey
  3. Level surveys
  4. Land subdivisions
  5. Title boundary surveys
  6. Site analysis survey
  7. Flood level survey
  8. Estate planning and development survey
  9. Set-out survey
  10. Application boundary survey
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